Aerial Acquisition

DTM will mobilize the appropriate aerial sensors (LiDAR or Digital Camera) to suit the technical requirements and project budget.  As a well established and respected firm, DTM has a network of friends and colleagues that spans the globe. 
This means that we can mobilize aircraft and sensor from a trusted aerial platform operator that is closest to a project area, saving
substantial mobilization costs.

Contact us for access to historical, archive and libraries of existing “ready to go” LiDAR and image data.

Ground Control Targeting

Prior to image acquisition, selected locations
will be identified with targets, which will be visible in the aerial photography. Horizontal coordinate, and elevation data, for the
targeted or photo-identified points is acquired by qualified surveyors. This data is then used in the photo aerotriangulation process. Depending on final accuracy requirements, control can be extracted from LiDAR data also. Check with us for the most cost effective solution.

Digital Mapping

Planimetric and elevation data is compiled digitally from controlled aerial images or LiDAR datasets. DTM custom designs your project from acquisition to final map products. We ensure that the final delivery meets your exacting requirements. DTM has invested in the latest LCD stereo technology which provides far superior image display, that translates directly into higher accuracy in the final map product. We are able to deliver a wide variety of digital formats to ensure compatibility with your software platform.

Digital Orthophoto

High-resolution digital images are rectified to LiDAR or stereo compiled elevation data to produce a correctly scaled image with all vertical distortion removed. The final output from this process is a georeferenced digital image file (GeoTiff) that is compatible with most software platforms.