April 2016
In 2015 DTM acquired, aerotriangulated, mapped and orthorectified over 10,000 image frames.  It's already looking like 2016 could be another very busy year.  Changing weather patterns and annual forest fire threats present ongoing challenges to photo acquisition schedules but we remain confident!
September 2013
After 7 years in our original location DTM is moving! Our new office will be located in the historical Dale Building in beautiful downtown Cloverdale BC.  Check out our contact page for updated phone numbers and mailing address.  We'll do our best to make moving month (September) as invisible as possible, and keep our production rolling along without interruption, but don't hesitate to call us to see how we're progressing.
April 2010
DTM is pleased to announce that we have been chosen as exclusive distributor for North America by GGS of Germany.  GGS engineers and produces IMU stabilized mounts for aerial sensors.  GGS also provides custom integration services of their products as well as software and support for flight planning and management.
March 2011
DTM is pleased to announce the signing of a strategic partnership  agreement with Airborne Imaging Inc. of Calgary Alberta.  The two companies will share technology, collaborate on an exclusive basis on projects, market each others services, and team on the development of new technologies .
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