Airborne Imaging is the most reliable, experienced provider of high resolution, top quality, cost-effective LiDAR data acquisition and processing services. We have the experience and proven technology and methodology, to manage any size mapping project, anywhere in the world.

Global Mapping is the leading provider of Geospatial Services in Peru. Custom acquisition of aerial LiDAR and photo from their own fleet of aircraft plus full data processing and digital mapping services.

GGS develops, integrates and supports systems for various aerial data acquisitions . Aerial cameras as single or multi-sensor setups, oblique imager, thermal sensors, hyper-spectral scanners and Lidar are the sensors in our portfolio. Our add-on instruments, such as gyro stabilized mounts, GNSS-INS, power supplies, onboard PC, pilot screens and shock mountings, support proper installation of the sensors. We also offer mission planning and flight management software designed for a perfect interfacing with all of our components.